What We Do

Aerial Application & Top Dressing

Aerospread are aerial top dressing specialists with bases in Napier and Waipukurau serving the entire Hawke’s Bay area and beyond. It currently operates two New Zealand built PAC Cresco 750 aircraft and six loader vehicles.

We are entirely focused on reducing costs for our clients, while still providing excellent results and operating safely. We aim to operate well above the industry best practice.

Constantly Improving Through  Efficiency

We are able to remain cost competitive by constantly improving efficiency and adopting new technology, such as application software and weight saving hardware. Combined with other micro changes for the aircraft, loaders and management systems we are paving the way to becoming New Zealand’s most efficient operator.

Accurate Application for Farmers

Farmers can enjoy better results through greater application accuracy. This has been achieved by Aerospread developing world leading application and data measurement software. Coupled with onboard GPS equipment enabling Aerospread to operate with improved accuracy, measurability and accountability.

Safety Is a Constant Focus

worksafeAerospread has undertaken considerable work to reduce risk and create an industry leading safe work environment. Essential to this was becoming a foundation member of ‘Air Care,’ an industry-based living document focused on constantly improving and maintaining a safe working environment for everyone involved in Aerospread’s operation. This includes Aerospread’s staff, Aerospread’s partners, Aerospead’s clients and their staff.