Farm Mapping

Aerospread uses exclusive custom-built, free-of-charge mapping software (Aero-Link Pro). By using the farm mapping tools from this website, the data is then transferred to a KML format then directly uploaded into the aircraft. This provides an accurate digital map from which the pilot can plan and fly the property from.

It also allows for hazardous areas to be marked, greatly enhancing pilot safety as well as being compliant with WorkSafe rules and regulations. This is a first for the agricultural aviation industry as it allows clients to be in control of where they want the fertiliser to be applied.


DZMX software developed for Aerospread, which we believe to a be a world first for Agricultural aviation. It allows loader vehicles and aircraft to communicate to ensure weights are counted accurately and the area covered is accurate. The main benefits are enhanced communication, application planning, traceability and lessening the pilot’s cockpit workload which greatly increases safety.


Aerospread currently operates four New Zealand built and designed PAC Cresco 750’s, powered by Pratt and Whitney PT6 gas turbine engines. The Cresco 750 is an evolution of the pioneering PAC Fletcher. Although they have a similar appearance a number of small changes makes the Cresco 750 far superior in terms of power, efficiency, speed and noise reduction.

Weight Saving

The Cresco 750, like all aircraft, is limited by weight restrictions. To overcome the burden of weight Aerospread is continually working on weight saving advancements. An example of this is the recently commissioned retrofittable hopper box, constructed of light-weight carbon fibre. The carbon fibre hopper box will offer a weight-saving of 50 kgs.

By “adding lightness” it allows the aircraft to carry the equivalent of the weight saving (50kg) in fertiliser for every single load, safely and legally. The result equates to a payload increase of 600kg to 700kg increase for every flying hour.

The carbon fibre hopper box is one of many innovations that improve the aircraft’s productivity and helps the drive to reduce costs and give our farming clients a savings advantage.