Aerospread – Autumn Update

Gidday Bruce here.

I’m waiting for the weather to clear for flying, so I thought I’d send a quick newsletter.

I’d have to say, this season has been one of the trickiest I’ve known in my 25 years of top-dressing!

As you’ll know November and December saw some very dry periods and we got a bit scared it may turn into full-on drought! Thankfully in late Jan the rain arrived – this meant that a lot of farmers were hanging onto stock. Stock prices were good – it’s great to see prices stay up after Christmas and farmers being rewarded for the efforts and commitment they give to the Ag industry!

Read the full newsletter below.

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Drones in Rural Area

Flying drones is fun, but many people don’t realize how many aircraft and other low-flying planes share the skies with you. Its almost impossible to see drones from the air against the ground, This short video shows you the pilot’s perspective and the difficulty pilots have. Take a look and see why drone pilots have to do […]

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