Aerospread has a number of ways for you to book in your job.

Map My Farm

This is the preferred method to have a job booked in at Aerospread.

Map My Farm is Aerospread’s uniquely designed web-based mapping system. By using this method you are able to clearly identify all hazards that the ground crew and pilots may encounter. This enables you, as the client, to be 100% compliant with the Health and Safety rules for both WorkSafe and Civil Aviation.

Simply go to Map My Farm and map your property including:

  • your exclusions and hazards
  • tick the boxes confirming that you’ve identified all known hazards
  • whether you know of an organic property close by
  • fill in your details including product type, sowing rate, supplier and carrier
  • then select the “send job enquiry”

Your job will then be sent to Aerospread Operations, and you can expect an email or phone call back as soon as it has been received confirming your order, and discussing the timing of your application. At this point you will also receive an email or have a discussion regarding the airstrip health and safety. Once this conversation (electronic or verbal) has taken place, your job will be loaded into the system. At any time during this process, should you have a problem, please phone 0800 835 9450 where our Operations Team will be on hand to help.


This option is great for Dairy Farmers or farmers who want to pick out a whole number of paddocks from their farm and top-dress them. It also works well for Farmers who are already on “TracMap”, and use it for their ground spreading operation.  We can take the ground spreader completed map, and over-lay that onto the Aerial map to ensure nothing gets missed. Our Operations team can send you a link to get Aerospreads TracMap for your computer.

Phone Us

Phone and talk to one of our Operations Team, who will book in your job and get all relevant information, to make it happen.

Napier Office: 0800 835 9450

Manawatu Office: (06) 357 3828